About Art

I am a part time photographer who lives in the Seattle area. I work for a local Manufacturer as an IT Manager. I pursue my photography projects in my spare time. I am originally from North Dakota and I’ve lived in the Seattle area since 1980. I am a project oriented person and I like to focus on a project when I am out photographing. I usually work on several projects with specific goals for each project. I try and capture subjects at various times and in various lighting conditions throughout the year. I use a digital camera to capture my images and I use various pieces of software to try and create an image that matches the mental picture I had when I took the picture. I like bold colors and dramatic contrasts to create my vision of the image. I also like my images to have a painterly look to them. I use various types of software to create this look. I continue to experiment with software to refine my style and the look I want to achieve with my images. My goal is to present a vision of the image that provides the viewer with the essence of the location.

Art Kuntz

Feb. 2014

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